Lint Remover

REACHES DEEP FOR THE MOST EMBEDDED HAIRS – Whether on your couch, pet tower, carpet, car or coat, saves you time and energy without cutting corners. The lint remover for pet hair reaches even the most attached follicles, hair and lint in a quick swipe.

EASY TO CARRY – Tool has a special hanging loop design, you can hang the Carpet Scraper on the wall, put the Clothes Shaver in your wallet, bag, car, or even hang the Lint Remover Shaver in your key ring . You can use the Car Carpet Cleaner anytime, anywhere and never worry about your always clean and tidy.

EASIER TO ACCOMPANY – you will no longer have to worry about any pet hair, The Pet Hair Brush will give you and your pets only laughter and joy in their lives, and you will be using Reusable Lint Rollers On the way to the device, you can save more energy and time to accompany your pet.

Special Attention: When using on knitwear, use the white double serrated side and try it slowly and gently in small areas first to make sure it won’t damage your garment before using it extensively. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are committed to your 100% satisfaction.