Electric Arc Lighter

[360° FLEXIBLE LONG NECK FOLDABLE CANDLE LIGHTER]: This Candle Lighter only 4.3 inches when folded and 9 inches in non-folding conditions, can be used for candles, barbecues, and camping. It is lighter and more portable. It can be used as a daily lighter.

[ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY DESIGN]:This electric lighter adopts rechargeable arc magnetic pulse lighter, environmental protection, low carbon, instead of traditional gas and fuel energy, USB interface charging, recyclable, arc spark that does not shock the human body, does not produce harmful gas butane, no flame, Safe and environmentally friendly.

[SAFETY & WINDPROOF]: This flameless lighter is controlled by a double safety switch, with a safety lock. After opening, the ignition can be started, and the ignition will automatically stop after 8 seconds. Pulse ignition, no flames, so it can be used normally even in windy conditions. The metal hose can rotate 360 degrees flexibly.

[USB LIGHTER CHARGING INSTRUCTIONS]: This USB lighter can be charged through the USB interface, can be connected to a computer, mobile phone chargers, etc. It can be charged in 1.5-2 hours after a single charge. The indicator light will light up when charging, and the indicator light will automatically turn off when fully charged, and it can be used about 300 times after full charge.

[SERVICE & WARRANTY]: Please read the instructions, candle lighter, USB charging cable, 24-hour after-sales service and 30 days return policy for faulty/damaged products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will solve your problem for you as soon as possible.