Flexible Gooseneck LED USB Light Desk Lamp

Flexible Gooseneck LED USB Light Desk Lamp



The Gooseneck tube is able to support, bend into any shape, adjust bending position and protect wires inside. Different treatments of outlook are available to meet different requirements. The supplying range is OD 2.0mm~40mm and minimum ID is 1.0mm which is defined according to specifications.



Gooseneck metal tubes are widely used in lighting, Headsets, Microphone, Camera holders, scanner stand, Smartphone and tablet holders, Gooseneck USB cables, Mirror and Magnifier Brackets, medical equipments, monitoring system, Antenna and some other consumer electronics etc. We produce gooseneck pipes as customer’s specifications completely. Long-term business relationship is highly valued and reach this aim we set strict rules on production.

The Gooseneck specifications can be designed according to all the customers’ requirements.



What specifics i need to tell manufacturer to ensure i’ll get what i want?

Pls provide your engineering drawings or tell us your requirements on following specs:

1.- Weight of the gooseneck to be supported/loaded.

2.- Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter and Length

3.- Gooseneck Tube Detailed Specifications– Connectors, Screws, Fittings and Joints on both ends

·         If it is standard female or male ends, pls tell us its size

·         If it is irregular shape, we’ll process CNC Lathing according to your engineering drawing

4- Flexible Gooseneck Finishing & Treatment


·         Electro-Plating: Black, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, Sandblast

·         Painted (in colors): All colors are available

·         Plastic Covered (in colors): PVC, TPE, PUC, Heatshrink Tube Sheathing

·         Silicone Gel Coated

5.-Other Post Process

·         Spotting on the connection part where ends fixed with the tube to enhance the joints

·         Weight capacity can be enhanced by inserting a sub-strength material



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Plastic bag and carton

Port: Shenzhen

Lead Time: 10-15 days