Plasma Candle Lighter

[Multipurpose & Reliable]Our reusable lighters can meet the needs of kitchen gas stoves, birthday party candles, fireplaces, barbecues, outdoor campfires, Christmas fireworks, firecrackers, and more. It has passed EC, CP-UP certification, and EMC, ROHS, UN38.3 tests, so you can use it more at ease.

[Easy to Use]Turn on the misoperation switch before use, then you just press the button and the plasma arc spark will ignite the wick. The flexible long neck lets you light deep candles and hard-to-reach places like the fireplace pilot. Our electronic lighters can be quickly recharged from a low battery in 30 minutes.

[Safer to Use]Our upgraded smart chip lighter has eight safety protection functions while preventing accidental touch switches, double protection, and is safer than a conventional lighter. It charges using the USB input and has a battery level LED indicator that tells you the status of the charge.

[Fuel-free & Windproof] Our lighter can generate high-temperature plasma arc sparks of up to 6000 degrees Celsius, which can ignite any combustible materials to make them perform better in strong winds and extremely cold environments. There is no need to monitor the lighter fluid or butane gas and it will never run out, which is one of several advantages over traditional lighters.

[Longer Battery Life]It can be used more than 60 times on a single charge, and it can be charged more than 300 times at least. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with our quality or for no reason, we promise a refund. We endeavor to solve your problem and keep improving our service quality. Order your free trial now!