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about usWe are the pioneer in flexible metal tubes and conduits field in China since 1996. As a well-known manufacturer of flexible metal tubes and Conduits, our company is entitled hi-tech enterprise by the government and was accredited ISO9001:2000 quality management system by SGS Company.

Chuanghong Industrial Co., Ltd – Manufacturer of Standard Size Flexible Gooseneck Tubing


  • Products

    Flexible arm, flexible gooseneck, gooseneck flexible tube, metal hose, flexible metal tube, lamp weight and parts, mounting base and so on.

  • 设备指数Equipment

    CNC and CNC machining services, forming services, OEM and ODM parts. Types include turning, milling, grinding, stamping, bending, welding, die casting, drilling, tapping and injection molding.

  • 证明


    SGS,FDA,LFGB,ISO9001:2008,ISO8317 .etc


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