Quality Control

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品质管制 QA and QC: Our quality control program consists of three parts: IQC (incoming quality inspection), PQC (process quality inspection) and OQC (factory quality inspection); our process in line with ISO9001: 2000 requirements, monitoring process, Control quality, to ensure the realization of customer specifications. Continuous improvement, zero defect and quality as the benchmark, comprehensive customer satisfaction, is our eternal pursuit and goals. To provide superior product quality Attention to detail means constantly checking and reviewing the material. This also means applying a rigorous test system to complete the product, direct conversion of the test to superior product quality.   High efficiency, low cost High efficiency means least waste and low cost, which translates directly into competitive prices. With our highly productive facilities, we achieve very streamlined and automated workflows with high operational efficiencies. Packaging and transportation The company’s overall responsibility for timely and accurate order fulfillment is critical to maintaining the reputation of our quality products and services. To ensure timely delivery, we have a variety of packaging materials – like cartons and films for individual packages, hand in our own system management warehouse.