About Us

关于我们 ChuangHong Industry Co., Ltd is a pioneer enterprise of metal hose and pipe in China since 1996 as a well-known manufacturer of metal hose and pipe, our company is authorized by the government with high-tech enterprise and passed ISO9001 certification: Through the SGS company 2000 quality management system.

We specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of various sizes and types of metal hoses (Booth Tubes, Gooseneck and Boom) and Flexible Metal Pipes (Fiber and Cable Protection Tubes, Interlocking and Squarelocked Tubes and Corrugated Metal Hoses ) Offers a total solution from headset microphone stand, radio and antenna support, microphone, LED light and bulb guide, gooseneck car mount, USB connector, webcam stand, and rack mount bracket, while flexible metal conduit Our products are widely used in medical, food, building, pipe, cable and wire fence systems such as Telecommunicating Systems, Power Control Systems, Intelligent Building Decoration, Sprinkler Hoses, Transportation Systems, Railways, Chemicals, Power Plants and Sensing Equipment etc. In the manufacturing industry has been serving the electronics industry, lighting, audio products, light, lighting, toys, machinery, hand tools, military, automotive, aviation, electronics and medical equipment with our state-of-the-art technology and advanced facilities. With the company’s development index and diversification of business lines, we established our trading department and now enter the electronics and lighting markets. We offer a wide range of goose necklamp-based electronic products, and are designed to provide the most valuable OEM services.