mirror flexible holder with clamp

USB Rechargeable Mirror Flexible Gooseneck Led Illuminated Cosmetic Makeup Mirror 5X Magnified


1)USB plug design make it more convenient, you can use it in the computer, power supply, adapter, etc. to connect.


2) 11.5 Inch flexible gooseneck allows for the mirror to come to you, instead of having to constantly lean toward your mirror.


3) The bottom of the lamp clip can be more easily firmly clamped on the desktop, dressing table, computer tables and headboard.


4) Built-in 21pcs SMD ensure your whole face is reflected and enable you to finish your makeup in areas with adequate light.


5) Cordless 1500mAh lithium battery and rechargeable function free you from replace the battery. It can work 3.5 hours on a full charge.


6)Light weight and easy-to-carry size makes the mirror ideal for travel. The mirror and gooseneck are connected by a ball-and-socket joint, so that they can be assembled easily.


7) Comes with 2 year warranty