PE Coated Flexible Gooseneck

PE Coated Flexible Gooseneck

  1. Outer diameter: 2.0mm~40mm (0.079 in – 1.57 in)
  2. Length & Connector: As required
  3. Finishing: PE Coated
  4. Custom Made



The Flexible Arm is able to support, bend into any shape, adjust bending position and protect wires inside.

Different treatments are available to meet different requirements.

The supplying range is OD 2.0mm~40mm which is defined according to specifications.


Support – an object

Hold – in position

Adjustable – by being re-positioned

Connect – two objects

Conduit – for electrical wire, etc

Protect – as a nearly indestructible housing for other conduits

Rigidity (Stiffness) – Ability to hold weight

Obedience (Stay-Put) – Ability to maintain a bending diameter